Daivya ALlmond

Founder, CPT

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Promoting a healthy lifestyle begins with leading one.  My name is Daivya and I've decided to dedicate my life to wellness and fitness. Passion is the driving force behind what I do as a trainer in pushing clients to their peak fitness and educating and maintaining a healthy and quality lifestyle in and out of the gym. Since my journey in personal training, I've had the opportunity to work side by side with some of the most respected people in the fitness industry. In that, I was able to grasp the notion that exercise is a science and should be approached like one.  After graduating with an exercise science degree from Heritage College in Denver Colorado, I began to explore new AND older methods that have a science and holistic base in health. Since then, I've become well versed in creating solid program designs that create positive client results with specific time frames. I was fortunate enough to work with a high school basketball program in using these methods and seeing these young athletes thrive. Movement and flexibility is one of my strengths. Most or all joint/muscle aches, head aches, shoulder tension or back pain is usually derived from poor movement patterns, under-active muscles, tight or over-active muscles and postural or structural deviations. As a previous collegiate athlete and current health coach and proud owner of Fortitude Fitness, I'm mindful of the hard work it takes to get to the next level, which is why I've taken the liberty to become a multifaceted fitness trainer acquiring specialties that include:


-Core Strength, Flexibility and Balance

-Functional Training

-Pre/Post Natal Training

-Speed, Quickness and Agility

-Athletic/ Performance Training

-Adolescence and Youth Training

-Sport Specific Training

-Nutrition Guidance

-H.I.I.T/ Circuit Training / Group Training

-Weight Loss and Management

-Program Design


And certifications to coincide:

-NASM- National Academy of Sports Medicine, CPT

-A.A.S Exercise Science with a focus in Personal Training

-*Training Toward and Away from Knee Surgery Specialist

*TPT Specialist (Trigger Point Therapy)

*FITOUR Certified Yoga Instructor 

-Jillian Michael’s BODYSHRED

-USA Weightlifting

-KI-Hara Resistance Stretching/Functional Myofascial Decompression 

-Spartan SGX

-CPR/AED Certified